Proof Research Terminus Zeus QC Carbon Fiber Pre-fit | 22 Creedmoor

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Action: Terminus Zeus QC

Caliber: 22 CM

Twist: 1:8

Contour: Sendero

Muzzle: 5/8-24

PROOF Research carbon fiber & steel pre-fit barrels for the Terminus Apollo, Zeus and Kratos actions come chambered and threaded for an easy install. Simply torque on, double check & ensure headspace with proper gauges and head to the range! Pre-fit barrels that deliver shot for shot accuracy and performance - there is simply no better choice for the Terminus Apollo, Zeus, and Kratos actions than our carbon fiber & steel pre-fit barrels.

Zeus: Pre-fits will fit actions with the "quick change" option but not the "full length" thread option.

Apollo / Apollo Lite / Ti: Pre-fits will fit all actions with integral recoil lug and actions supplied .250" thick recoil lug.

Kratos / Kratos Lite: Pre-fits will fit all actions with 1 1/16" x 16 receiver threads but not actions with 1.100" x 16 threads.

Barrel Contour:
Barrel Twist:
22 Creedmoor
PROOF Research
Carbon Fiber
Shank Diameter: