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Proof Research rifles compromise nothing. They are lighter, stronger and more accurate than anything else available. They use Proof Carbon Fiber barrels, Proof hand-laid carbon/Kevlar composite stocks and Proof Research/Defiance actions. All the best components available. These rifles impress even the most veteran shooter.

Proof Research builds to ensure every rifle performs flawlessly, shot after shot under the harshest conditions. Extremely accurate, extremely durable. No other rifle manufacturer, production or custom, can offer what they do. They have proven that reducing weight doesn’t have to compromise accuracy or durability. In fact they are making extreme long range accuracy commonplace.

Evolved Ballistics highly recommends Proof Research Rifles.  We have used and abused them with flawless ongoing precision performance.  You really can have light-weight, extreme durability, match-grade accuracy and light recoil.  Nothing else can match them.  They are truly outstanding hunting and long range rifles.

We stock 3 different Proof Rifle systems. The Summit is exceptionally well suited for rugged high country big game hunting. Proof's Terminus is the ultimate long range platform for all hunting environments and game. The Tac II is the ultimate long-range precision tactical system. Click on each rifle to the left for more detail.

 Evolved Ballistics stocks various configurations to meet hunting and long range needs such as Holland Muzzle Brakes or threaded/protected for supressors and teardrop bolt handle. Evolved Ballistics chambers include: 6.5CM, 6.5x284, 280AI, 7 Rem Mag, 308 Win, 300 WM, 28 Nosler, 300 RUM and 338 Lapua.

 Custom orders are also welcome.

Base Price of Rifle includes:

  • Proof Research Match grade Carbon-fiber wrapped barrel
  • Proof Research Carbon-fiber/Kevlar Stock
  • Extreme Accuracy Bedding
  • Proof Research/Defiance Action
  • Jewell Trigger
  • Pachmayr recoil pad
  • Proof Research ½ MOA guarantee
  • Factory test firing results and ammo data
  • All weather rifle case for travel
  • $200 Discount on Evolved Ballistics Long Range Training

Additional Service available:

1000+ YARD READY – package

At your request, we will configure your rifle for Long Range.

  • Your choice of Nightforce scopes, ATACR or NXS, ballistic turret or bubble level
  • Your choice of sling studs or BT15 rail (for bipod attachment)
  • Barrel Break in and Ballistic Profile Specifications
  • Sight in and validated out to 1000 yards
  • $200 Discount on Evolved Ballistics Long Range Training

With our 1000+ Yard Ready service, your rifle will be ready to go for long range when you receive it from Evolved Ballistics.  You will receive all the ballstic data and information necessary for your ballistic calculator or BR2 rangefinder.  Of course we can help you set those up as well. Price varies with scope selection. 

We want you to achieve the goal of "Long Range First Shot Accuracy".  We designed this package so you will have equipment with the extreme precision necessary for long range hunting.  Put our training and some practice with it and you will have great confidence in your shot of a lifetime!

Call us at 210 872-7790 so we can answer your questions and offer our service.