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Evolved Ballistics - Training

Evolved Ballistics Long RangeTraining courses are comprehensive. We share knowledge, experience and practical application of all topics essential to shooting precisely and accurately at long range. You spend years preparing, saving and dreaming of your trophy of a lifetime. Our training can give you great ability to take your trophy with confidence. We also teach when not to take the shot. We teach a lot in a little time. But no pressure, it's all fun!


2 days, meals and 1 night bunk-house accommodations at South Hills Rifle Range 50 minutes west of San Antonio. Targets are out to 1060 yards!  Bring your own rifle with 30MOA (8 MIL) adjustable turret scope or ballistic reticle and 100 rounds of ammunition. See CLASS DETAILS below for Course Topics Outline and more information. $975.* Weather permitting, we include some field course shooting at the end of the class.span>

LRFSA Course dates: We will train private classes of 4 or more and discount pricing. We will coordinate with private groups on dates. If you have less than 4, call and we will put you on a list and create classes from the list.


A 1 day field class, (also offered as a 2 day course), designed to test and improve your long range shooting ability. Targets are realistically placed in a Texas Hill Country setting at various distances averaging around 700 yards with some non-hunting fun shots approaching a mile. The objectives are to practice long range hunting shots, learn when you can and cannot hit your target with high probability, refine shooting skills and have fun practicing for the upcoming hunting season. Instructors will be present at all stations. Requirements are that you have taken our Long Range first shot Accuracy course or demonstrate reasonable ability to generate fire solutions and safely execute long range shots. Price $495 or $375 if as a 3rd day to the LRFSA training. Includes 1 day bunk house accommodation, meals and transportation to/from lodge to target stations. The 2 day Level 2 course is $975. South Hills Ranch also has long range exotic hunts available.

Long Range Hunter Field Course dates:  by appointment! 


Call 210 872-7790 to book courses.

*DISCOUNTS AVAILABLE. Will do special dates for groups of 4 or more. 


TESTIMONIAL: "Average shooters have the potential to hit targets precisely at long ranges beyond 1000 yards. Over and over, I have dialed in my scope and fired a shot to see it hit accurately at 1000-1200 yards. Then allowed a student to take the shot with my rifle. THEY HIT THE SAME SPOT! This happens almost every time. So, for the average shooter to shoot well at long range, they need a good rifle and scope set-up properly, and to know how to adjust the scope to hit the target. I CAN TEACH YOU, AND YOU CAN DO IT!" DALE ROBINSON - EVOLVED BALLISTICS 

Class Details


  • Long Range Rifle Attributes and set-up; barrel, muzzle brake, optics, bubble level, bipod, trigger
  • Bullets: G7 vs G1 models, sectional density, ballistic coefficient, stability, muzzle velocity, MV standard deviation, terminal performance
  • Optics: MOA vs MIL, F1 vs F2, Parallax, Turrets, Focus, Offset Rails/Rings, Objective Lens, Tube Diameter, Exit Pupil
  • Good Shooting Skills; bench, prone, improvised field
  • Shooter Ballistic Application: Set-up and use
  • External Ballistics: air density, gravity, incline, spin drift, coriolis, wind, aerodynamic jump
  • Tools: Rangefinders G7 BR2, Leica 1600, Kestrel
  • Putting it all together

Shooting Range Time

Range time is used to verify rifle set-up, sight-in, scope height, muzzle velocity and ballistic application set-up as well as long range fire solution testing and shooting drills.  Wind reading is an integral part of Shooting Range Time.

What to Bring to class:

Download "Shooter Ballistic Application" to your phone or device prior to attending and bring it to class with a fully charged battery.  We will set it up and train on it in class.  (See "Shooter" picture.)

Shooting Range

  • Bring your own scoped rifle and 100 rounds of ammo.  (more if you like)
  • Scope must have turrets or ballistic reticle.
  • Sight in before attending.  This will expedite ballistic profiling at range.
  • Bipod is recommended but not required.
  • Bring hearing and eye protection if you have it.  (We have loaners)
  • If you have a rangefinder, kestrel, spotting scope and tripod, bring them. Practice with your equipment.