When it comes to long range rifles for hunting there is no substitute for Proof Research rifles. The Proof Research rifles are at the cutting edge of technology and while other long range rifles perform well, there is no substitute for Proof’s ability to make consistent long range hunting rifles that are light and durable with match grade precision. These long range rifles are comfortable in the mountains, woods, deserts and plains. Proof Research rifles are hand crafted and held to the tightest tolerances for the most demanding shooter. It is not just the barrel or action that matters, Proof Research rifles are a result of rigorous testing and careful selection of every component. It is not just a long range rifle; it is your long range rifle that will be by your side no matter the hunt. Proof Research rifles feature the latest carbon fiber technology not only in their match grade barrels, but in their carbon fiber/Kevlar composite stocks. Make your next long range rifle a Proof Research Rifle. 


We proudly sell Proof Research barrels because we believe that there is no other barrel out there that is better. Proof Research barrels are all single point cut, match grade barrels that are the choice for hunters, competitors and firearm enthusiast everywhere. The Proof Research barrels are the number one carbon fiber barrel used by firearm manufacturers. The military has approved Proof Research barrels as the only authorized carbon fiber barrel. The Proof Research barrels that are carbon fiber wrapped are stiffer than steel barrels of the same contour and are stiffer than other barrels of the same weight. Machined to blend match grade precision with hunting weights, Proof Research barrels are the answer.