Snowy Mountain Rifle Oberndorf Magazine Kit

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Using the same bottom metal body, you can change from BDL to Magazine fed anytime in minutes. It is revolutionary and the first of its kind in many ways. It is The only all-aluminum ultra-lightweight magazine system that allows you to make your BDL rifle a magazine-fed rifle while only weighing 5.4 oz. The kit uses the same Bottom Metal body, a BDL configured body with proprietary cuts, and a tensioning system to allow the all-aluminum magazine to fit snugly or remove the magazine and tensioner and attach the lid converting it back into a BDL.

Magazine Internal Length: 3.00"

Magazine weight: 3.1 oz

This magazine will only fit in actions cut for a Wyatt's Exetended internal box magazine. Shorter magazines for standard cuts will be coming out soon. Please email us if you have any questions.