Area 419 Chamber and Thread Protector

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As it becomes more popular to have multiple barrels and bolts for rifles, we are seeing an alarming number of barrels stored with nothing to protect the chamber or chamber threads. Well, that ends today.

The Area 419 Chamber and Thread Protector is milled from 6061T aluminum and simple screws on the same way an action would. It’ll serve to protect from grime as well as rough handling. It’s also sexy, which is important.

-1-1/16×16 for Remington 700, Defiance, Defiance Elite, Stiller, Curtis, and other 700 Clones
-1-1/16×18 for Kelby’s, Borden, Bat
-1-1/16 x 20 for Savage small shank, Bighorn, Mausingfield, Nucleus
-M27x2.0 for all AI Rifles except AXMC
-M30 x 2.0 for AXMC Barrels

All models have a 1-7/8″ internal thread depth to accommodate almost any thread tenon out there.

All protectors are anodized gold*

* Will also work great for you Cerakote applicators.  Just drill a hole in the end for an eye-bolt in order to hang barrels. *

NOTE: This is not for the muzzle.