Proof Research Carbon Fiber Savage Pre-fit | 28 Nosler

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Proof Research Bolt Action Carbon Fiber Barrel

***Large Shank*** Please know your shank size before ordering. Contact us with any questions.

Caliber: 28 Nosler

Length: 24"

Rate of Twist 1:8.44

Contour: Straight Taper

Bolt Action Carbon Fiber wrapped/416 SS Match Grade barrel.

Proof Research has "Cracked The Code" on Carbon fiber wrapped barrels. Their patented process produces barrels that: are much lighter than comparable steel contours, are stiffer and have less harmonic vibration than steel; dissipate heat more quickly than steel resulting in maintained accuracy over longer sessions of fire and longer barrel life. With all these benefits, they are also as accurate as the finest precision steel barrels. They compromise nothing.

Barrel Contour:
Savage Drop-in
Barrel Length:
Barrel Twist:
28 Nosler
PROOF Research
Carbon Fiber
Shank Diameter:
Large Shank