Proof Research Carbon Fiber Kelbly Drop in | 300 PRC

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Expected release date is May 14th 2024

Kelbly's Pre-Fit Barrels

Actions: Atlas / Atlas Lite / Atlas Tactical / Prometheus / Nanook

Caliber: 300 PRC

Twist: 1:9

Contour: Sendero

Muzzle: 5/8-24

PROOF Research pre-fit carbon fiber barrels for Kelbly Actions make it easy to upgrade your rifle or change calibers. Their pre-fit shouldered barrels are easy to install. NO GUNSMITH REQUIRED Just thread it on, torque it down, check head space, and head for the range. These barrels will only fit on the following actions: Atlas, Atlas Lite, Atlas Tactcical, Prometheus, and Nanook.

300 PRC
Carbon Fiber
PROOF Research