Proof Research Carbon Fiber Barrett MRAD Pre-fit |338 Lapua Mag

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Proof Research has years of experience manufacturing barrels for the Barrett MRAD rifle which is known world-wide for its ruggedness and adaptability. Recently, MRADs fitted with PROOF carbon barrels chambered in 300 PRC were adopted by the United States Department of Defense. Barrels are easily replaced on this modular rifle system with no specialized tools or training required.

Pre-fits will fit all current generation rifles without barrel screw cross slots in barrel extension. The MRAD barrels feature a straight taper contour with a 1.00” diameter muzzle and include the barrel extension pre installed and complete matching bolt head.

Action: Barrett MRAD

Chamber: 338 Lapua Mag

Contour: Straight Taper

Twist: 1:9.4

Muzzle: 5/8-24