Lone Peak Arms Fuzion

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Available in long, medium and short action Remington 700™ footprint configuration in repeater and single shot versions. Each action is cut from pre-hardened 416R stainless steel (40 rockwell).

  • Receiver raceway cut with wire EDM to precise tolerances

  • Magazine well cut for AW style magazines on short actions, BDL style cut on long actions. Remington BDL style cutout on short actions available upon request

  • Wyatt BDL internal overall length--MBE-3 Long Action Box(3.825"), Medium Action(3.225"), MBE-4 Short Action(2.995")

  • Medium Hawkins BDL bottom metal, Mag box, spring, follower and action screws available from LPA- $295

  • Side bolt release

  • 1.350" multi flat diameter(Remington 700 inlet compatible)

  • Long action weight including bolt assembly-34.5 oz

  • Short action weight including bolt assembly-31.5 oz

  • Right or Left hand configurations available

  • 1 1/16"x16 tpi barrel thread tenon

  • 20 MOA picatinny rail. The Alpine Port is available on Fuzion actions. This option has the center portion of the picatinny rail cut out like our Fuzion-Ti model.

One piece fluted bolt constructed from pre-hardened 4340 chrome moly

  • Mini M-16 style extractor

  • Plunger ejector

  • Light weight firing pin assembly provides fastest locktime with .060” diameter firing pin.

  • Threaded bolt handle provides ability to interchange bolt knobs

  • Nitride surface finish is standard on the bolt.