Berger 6.5 mm 156 Grain Extreme Outer Limits (EOL) Elite Hunter

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The long-awaited 6.5mm 156gr EOL Elite Hunter bullets are purpose-built for hunters demanding a heavy-bullet solution for their Creedmoor, PRC, 26 Nosler and other 6.5 caliber long-range hunting platforms. EOL Elite Hunter bullets are “heaviest-in-class” and designed to break the common trend-line for today’s heavy hunting offerings. The sleek profile features an ultra-high ballistic coefficient (B.C.) and increased sectional density, delivering the highest energy retention upon impact. EOL Elite Hunter Bullets utilize Berger’s industry-leading hybrid ogive design, which blends tangent and secant designs to optimize efficiency, reduce wind-drift, and minimize sensitivity to seating depth. EOL’s are easy to load and shoot, and provide the unmatched accuracy and performance that long-range enthusiasts expect from Berger Bullets.”
Bullet Diameter:
Bullet Weight:
156 Grain
G1 BC:
G7 BC:
Minimum Twist Rate:
1:8 or faster
Shank Diameters: